Why Buy Here 

We only supply brand new and genuine smartphones, you can check the IMEI number on official website.

Inspection before shipping
We have a full inspection system for all the products to reduce the risk of problems, malfunctioning or defects of the devices. We ensure that you receive brand new goods with best quality.

Warehouse in Europe
You can choose shipment from China warehouse, or European warehouse. The advantage of shipment from European warehouse is that members of European Union doesn't have to pay customs duty for the goods. We especially recommend to choose shipment from European Union to customers from Greece and Spain to avoid high taxes. Our EU warehouse shipping fee includes all customs duties and importation taxes. Furthermore, you can expect to receive the goods usually within 1 to 3 business days by EU direct shipping.

European repair service
We have Technical Service Team in Europe and it's committed to solve any reported issue in the shortest time possible for EU customers. All orders sent out from our EU Warehouse can enjoy 1 year warranty service in our Eorupean Service Center. Therefore, if you live in Euroepan country and would like to enjoy the warranty in EU service center, please choose EU warehouse shipping method. learn more about EU shipping, click here

Fast shipping
We cooperate with well-known shipping companies such as DHL and UPS to bring you the fastest shipping experience. Normally the delivery time will be around 3-5 days from China Express service, for EU Direct shipping you can expect to receive the goods usually within 1 to 3 business days.

Warranty after-sale service
We provide One-year free repair warranty. We have Technical Service Teams in China and Europe. We offer after sale support and repair service only to customers who buy devices in our web shop. For any problem, feedback or suggestion we ask you to contact us at support@shop.gizchina.com.